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Stockroom Records is here


Westchester, this is what you've been looking for.

Enter our creative hub and enjoy the stockroom records experience.


Meet the team

Professionals with a Purpose

The faces behind the GOODSTOCK MOVEMENT.  The hands that are helping grow and build this EMPIRE.


This aint your regular recording studio.


Josh Dooz

Artist/Studio Owner/Executive Producer/Music Marketing & Promotions/Pioneer


The man with the vision.



Music Producer/Engineer

DJ/Multi-talented Musician

Chris Hough, professionally known as DJ Chrissy, is a highly skilled DJ, producer, and music enthusiast who captivates audiences with his electrifying vibes and profound understanding of music. With a strong foundation in the music industry, Chris embarked on his DJ journey in renowned clubs across Japan, where he honed his craft and developed a distinct style that resonates with diverse audiences. Equipped with a deep passion for music production, Chris has mastered multiple Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and possesses an extensive knowledge of mixing techniques. His expertise allows him to create seamless transitions and dynamic sets that elevate the energy on any dancefloor. Chris's commitment to his craft led him to pursue formal education at the prestigious Sound Audio Engineering Institute in New York City. His time at the institute further refined his technical prowess, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of sound engineering principles and techniques. This educational background, combined with his hands-on experience in the music business, has solidified Chris's reputation as a multifaceted professional in the industry, and we are extremely happy to have him here at Stockroom Records 


Stunna Rozay


Stunna Rozay is musically gifted. Her natural ear and talent are remarkable. She just has "it" . She is a total vibe and incredibly talented. One of the OG members of the Stockroom fam!


Will Smith

In House Videographer


Great Human

Will has been working professionally in the film industry for over a decade and just opened up his own production company. This guy not only is a wizard with the camera, but he contributes his creative and artistic insight into whatever the task or project at hand may be. Need a music video? Promo videos? Quick edits?

Whatever it may be, Will is your guy. Also one of the nicest guys I've ever met.



Session Guitarist/Stage Hand/Utility Man

Jay is the definition of a loyal team player. He puts the team and the vision first always. Oh, forgot to mention, he is probably the most electric shredder we've seen. The passion, raw emotion, and talent this guy lets out from his guitar is ridiculous. Need some guitar on 1 of your songs or guitar lessons?



Session Bassist/Music Theory Wiz

Mayco is that guy. He's our all music things guy. He's the nicest and coolest guy. He's your guy's guy! A loyal and dedicated member of our family.



Session Saxist/Loyal Team Member

Stan the man! The Sax man. When in doubt, add more sax! Stan just has "it" and is always willing to help out on any project in any way he can. Need some saxophone sauce on your song?



Director of Marketing & Administration

Juliet has been here since Day 1. She is the wizard behind our Marketing Team and Administration. She is a vital behind the scenes player! She is also Josh's sister!

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174 E Boston Post Rd, Mamaroneck, NY, 10543

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